New images of Chase, more information in Photoshop Basics for Photographers on retouching, and a redesign of the D30 information, including FAQ.



Add new information to our Photoshop Basics for Photographers reflecting some new techniques and correcting old ones.



Added a new page on our Canon lens choices for the D30.  Choosing lenses covers some of the more popular choices for this still terrific camera.



We fixed the links on the Photoshop basics page so they correctly point back to the other digital articles.  If you have any problems with pages and/or navigation, be sure to write us.



Photoshop Basics for Photographers will give beginning digital photographers everything they need to know to get their images looking pretty special.  



We've updated our SlideShow program (usable by anyone who wants to create slides shows of their digital images, not just Canon owners) to fix a few bugs and add a few enhancements.

Our email is now working again (thank goodness).


New today is our complete look at Portrait Lighting (the five-minute course).  As always, feedback is appreciated.

On that subject, our current email doesn't seem to be working (sigh -- it's always something, as Gilda would have said).  You can reach us here in the meantime.



We moved to a new server -- unfortunately, the cut-rate service we had been getting on our old server resulted in more down time than up time.  Sorry so much for those of you who have been trying to get through.  It is truly a matter of getting what you pay for, and now that we are with a reputable service things should be much better.

As a way of celebrating we've included all kinds of new stuff.  Reno Balloon race images, new rants, new Best/Never and our complete look at portrait lighting is coming Real Soon Now.  Thanks for all your patience.



The Guide to Portrait Photography has been beefed up, with photos and more information.  Coming this weekend will be a complete look at basic portrait lighting, with examples.



We've been down for a while, due to various and sundry reasons.  Hopefully we will now have lots of up time and many new additions.




Our one month anniversary!

From now on, the News section will announce those content items that are new.

Thanks to all for the many wonderful comments (and suggestions). We appreciate the feedback (and want more!)
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