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Q: Just what the heck is KelleyTown anyway?  Can I visit you on my vacation?

A: Actually, there really is a Kelleytown in Real Life, but we've never been there.  If you want to find out more, you can visit  KelleyTown here is a place to laugh, look at a nice picture or two, and escape the pressures of RL.  We won't write anything depressing (because life's too short), mean-spirited (no matter how bad a movie we see) or something you can't share with the whole family (because there are lots of alternative sites for that).  We also promise the site will continue to have enough new material it will be worth visiting regularly.

Pull up a computer chair and join us once a week and we promise it will be fun.


The Best/You Never

Q: I happen to think the Best Restaurant You've Never Eaten at is the Chez Expansive, located just outside of Paris.

A: Well, you're entitled to your opinion (and dare we point out that it isn't a question?)  But that opinion violates the spirit of The Best/You've Never, which is to promote experiences nearly everyone can share.  We happen to know, for example, that The Best Musical Performance You've Never Seen is a local theater company's 1984 portrayal of "The Robber Bridegroom".  But it won't make TBYN because it's impossible for others to experience.

Not only do we want others to be able to share these things, but it also means that others can make their own judgments.  I'll never eat at the Chez Expansive, so I can't say whether you're right or wrong.

Q: I have some TBYN ideas as well.  Can I share them?

A: Of course.  And if we are able to experience them and we agree with you, we'll publish them. 

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