Great Reno Balloon Race 2002
Disneyland '02
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo
Sea World (San Diego)
Fort Churchill (Civil War Reenactment)
Governor's Mansion
Great Reno Balloon Race 2001
Monterey Peninsula
Zion National Park
The First Lady of Nevada, in her beautiful home. gov01.jpg (45187 bytes)gov02.jpg (37158 bytes)gov03.jpg (40269 bytes)
These were difficult rooms to photograph. gov05.jpg (28577 bytes)gov06.jpg (39764 bytes)gov07.jpg (36091 bytes)
The rooms were so large I needed all my umbrellas (and then some). gov04.jpg (34975 bytes)gov08.jpg (32342 bytes)gov09.jpg (33517 bytes)
One of the beautiful dining rooms, this was my favorite room to shoot. gov11.jpg (44035 bytes)gov10.jpg (46417 bytes)gov12.jpg (47024 bytes)
This many setups in one day would be a challenge even for a photo team, let along a D30 loner.  gov14.jpg (28823 bytes)gov13.jpg (37850 bytes)gov17.jpg (46436 bytes)
Mrs. Guinn was a most gracious host and very patient. gov18.jpg (29202 bytes)gov16.jpg (259781 bytes)gov15.jpg (25365 bytes)
I needed much more than the three hours I had to cover it all.  But it was fun trying.  gov21.jpg (51617 bytes)gov20.jpg (42842 bytes)gov19.jpg (52708 bytes)
Even the staff was generous with their posing. gov27.jpg (23921 bytes)gov26.jpg (24510 bytes)gov25.jpg (39537 bytes)
A number of shots of the Mansion's outside showing lens and vantage points even slightly different yield very different results.  gov22.jpg (45262 bytes)gov23.jpg (43646 bytes)gov24.jpg (48377 bytes)
Lessons Learned: Yipes, it's no wonder top interior photographers routinely earn $1500 and up for a day's shooting.  They earn every penny of it (and do a far better job than I did).  By the end of the shoot I was completely exhausted from moving the three umbrella stands around -- and it would have been impossible to do even a third of what I covered with wired lights (thank goodness for the EOS wireless flash).

If I had to do it again I'd concentrate on fewer rooms with better setups.  I was working fast because I knew I was taking up Mrs. G's very valuable time, but I was also trying to cover it all.  I'd also take more available light shots -- with a tripod many of the rooms could have been covered this way and it would have made a nice change (note the large meeting room above was done with available light).  The portrait of the cook in the kitchen was available light and |I think it works. 


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