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The Canon D30 is an incredible piece of machinery -- a digital SLR that truly rivals film. 

Far be it from me to discuss the technical details or even to provide a review.  See for reviews of it (as well as many other digital cameras).  Here I'll merely note some personal information:

  • Most images on this site were taken with it (with the notable exception of the above image, although I now have a backup D30 I could have used).
  • As of right now (09/28/01) there is no finer digital camera to buy (even including the *new* Canon 1D).  The new Nikon D1x would be the only other choice, IMHO. (Note: as of 2004, my choice would be the Canon Digital Rebel, which looks to be an absolutely fabulous digital SLR and a great value).
  • It uses all the Canon AF lenses.  For details on what lenses to buy, see Canon D30 Lens Guide
  • You can create extremely fantastic 8x10 printouts with this camera and the photo quality printers, like the Epson 870/1270.  You can (and I have) make enlargements up to Super B size (13" x 19") and the quality remains high.    You won't be doing much cropping, though.  For all but the most demanding pros this should be more than enough.
  • I'll never take another frame of film in my life again.
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